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Recycling Facility
Our recycling facility so called waste sorting center, operates at our store yard to reduce the waste to the landfill. BTWD can recycle nearly 30 % of all the waste being thrown by our customer. Our proven processes and technologies are able to recover recyclable materials such as paper, plastics, metals, woods, and fresh and rotten foods. Unlike many roadside recyclers who place their residue in open dumps, BTWD properly recycle part of the waste.
Recycling Process
The recycling process begins after the waste has been transported to our waste sorting center. The waste that BTWD sort includes Paper, Plastics, Metals, Wood, and Fresh waste. The details of each recyclable material is listed as follow:
No Recyclable materials Types or categories of recyclable materials How to recycle
Paper Carton Box, Office paper (BW), White paper, Mix paper, Color Paper, Newspaper Send to Paper Mill
Plastics PET Bottle, HDPE, PP, PS, EPS Foam, Send to Plastic Manufacturer
Metals Aluminum Can, Aluminum Foil, Scrap Metals, Copper, Send to manufacturer
Wood Mix tropical wood, off cuts hardwood Send to chip wood factory
Fresh waste Bread, leftover foods, fruits leftover Sell to fish farm and livestock farm
Buy Back Center
BTWD buys back the recycling materials from our rubbish collection workers with higher price and with honesty and sincerity. This will help them get better pay at the end of the day. Besides, the buy back center will encourage them to collect more recyclable materials out from the rubbish thrown by the residents.