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How to Use Construction Bin
The way to use and responsibility for customer

BIG TREE WASTE DISPOSAL SDN BHD will appreciate if customer adheres to the following ways to use the construction or renovation bin:

How long is the duration given to use the bin?
14 days duration is given to customer to customer to use the bin. Upon the exceeding the duration, an extra charges RM10 per day for big bin and RM6 per day for the small bin.

How to use the bin?
The backdoor of the bin can be opened and customer could fill in the waste into the bin by using the wheel barrow. If customer choose to use back hoe or machine to dump the waste, it is unnecessary to open the backdoor.

How much of waste could fill into the bin?
The waste should not exceed the bin level that 4.0 feet for the big bin (22yd-4.0 footer) and 2 feet for the small bin (12yd – 2 footer). Generally, if customer uses the bin for heavy construction waste (bricks, sand, or soil), bin level reaches maximum if the maximum weight of the bin is 14 tons for the big bin and 3 tons for the small bin. If the waste consists of light waste like branches, plastic, and partially bricks, the waste could filled 6 inches more above the bin level. In the case of the bin is too heavy for the lorry to pull, customer should responsible to clear out some of the waste from the bin.

What is the waste that should not filled into the bin?
Waste such as wet concrete should not dump into the bin.

Can customer burn the waste in the bin?
No. This is because the fire could damage the bin. Hence, customer is advised to put the easy-burn material at the bottom of the bin by covering non-easy-burn material on top. Customer may also dump the easy burning waste to the bin an hour before the arrival of the lorry.

Who shall responsible if the bin is damaged or burned?
Customer shall responsible for the bin for any damage although it is unintentionally or due to carelessness. The customer shall responsible for the reparing cost of the bin.

Can customer throw the waste from the high building into the bin?
No. This is because the bin will be damaged by the sharp and heavy materials. Customer shall put some thick wood into the bin before throwing the waste from the high building.